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Affordable Equissentials is a small friendly family run business, My family are extremely supportive and enjoy being apart of the team, we all keep ourselves busy keeping up with orders and messages. As some of you may know we cover a large amount of equine events, horse and agricultural shows, yard visits with our saddlery stand in mainly Herts,Beds,Bucks and bring the essentials your way!

We also operate live Facebook auctions, Pop over to the page and turn live notifications on :)

A little bit about me- 

My story begins when I started off as a proud owner of one horse (harry), within a few years of owning harry I had a second-hand tack shop in “Burtie” the £300 rice trailer on our driveway. My understanding of equine’s essentials became clearer the more experienced I was. With the successful growth we had, Burtie was sold which we then moved onto “Betty” the 7.5ton lorry which also lived on our driveway. Now with pride I own 5 horses, I know how expensive this lifestyle can be. In benefit of everyone I try my hardest to make sure you guys all get your favourite brands at the most affordable deal.
From all my support and customers, I'm forever grateful to be lead to where I am today with my dream online shop. And the moral of my story is, I continued to follow my dreams.

Believe in yourself. Never Give up. 

Jas x


Our little rider sponsor Scarlett and her pony Beau.

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