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The Show Planner


Let's face it, when going out to a competition (whether you are being competitive or not!) can be a stressful time. Our Show Planner is designed to help you feel organised and prepared and leave you to focus on the Riding.


Containing space for multiple classes (or all 3 phases if you're Eventing!) the Show Planner takes you from the night before to the Evening after. It helps you make note of everything from your number and section, to your warm up times and results. It even has space to record how the day went and the things you would like to work on in the future.


You can fold it up to take with you on the day or photograph on your phone and send it to all those that need to know. Smile and enjoy yourself with the knowledge that whatever the day throws at you, you have started it as prepared as you can be.



The Show Planner A3

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